Is it a good idea to buy a TV online?

You can often find better prices for TVs online, especially if you spend some time shopping around. However, it’s wise to visit an actual store or two to look at and experiment with sets of interest before you buy. You need to see the picture on the screen, check out the ports and controls, and decide whether or not the set will go well with the décor of your living room. Some features and functionality that sound great online may seem very different in person.

How does online business take place?

In simple way, online shopping can be defined as the process of purchasing goods or services through the Internet. To make this possible, there are at least three important things including the Internet, online stores, and consumers. The Internet connects the buyer with the online store via computers, smartphones, or tablets.  Transaction happens over online payment method as well such as PayPal and others.

Apart from the quick process of transaction without requiring physical presence of buyers and sellers, there are many other advantages of online shopping as briefly outlined below.

Lower prices

Many considered that the prices of items available in the more conventional brick & mortar stores are more affordable than those in online stores, but this was long ago. Now that there are probably thousands (if not more) of online stores, the prices are getting more competitive. Not only between online stores, but also their offline counterparts. You can get TV models at very affordable prices including Sony, Samsung among other models. In many cases, dealers lower the price or offer some great bundled deals to attract more buyers.

It is quick

One of the biggest benefits of online shopping is the fast process of finding specific merchandise. You can of course browse through different counters in malls to find things you want, but in an online store, all you have to do is type some words in the search box. People with tight schedule everyday can shop online without disrupting their daily activities as well.

Items availability

When you are shopping in a department store, there is big chance that you cannot find the items you want because the store runs out of stock, so you have to wait until next week to buy them. Online stores do not have such drawback; even when one store runs out of stock, you can easily switch between stores with few clicks.


Non persuasive and discreet

Online stores such as Micromax do not hire any salesperson to persuade you to buy more or buy other things when a specific product is not currently available. There are indeed banners or promotional codes in online stores, but you can dismiss them easily. Moreover, there is no awkward moment when you buy personal needs for examples very large clothes or underpants.


Purchasing items over the Internet is not without its negative sides, such as possible insecure payment portals which can compromise your credit cards security. However, this drawback can be easily tackled down by shopping only on reputable stores through reputable online payment methods as well. All in all, the advantages of online shopping far outweigh the possible drawbacks.